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Movies re-imagined for another time & place by Peter Stults

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Kepler: el buscador de “planetas terrestres”

Las mejores improvisaciones del cine.

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spectacular spectacular

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The Horror art of Basil Gogos (via)

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The glory of Saturn.
(Materials provided by ESA, NASA, ASI)

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It began long ago in a land far away to the east, the like of which you will not find in the world today.

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One of the (very many) things my 200 hour yoga teacher training has taught me is to appreciate planks and down dogs for how much they truly work your entire body. I was inspired by that to put together this challenge. It uses different types of planks in increasing difficulty so you build strength and endurance.

As with any strength plan, if your goal is to have significant visual muscle definition or lose weight you HAVE to do cardio to get your heart rate up and burn fat as well as maintaining a healthy, balanced diet! I suggest doing this after your regular cardio or in the morning as an energizing wake up. If you need rest days take them! I didn’t plan any in these 30 days because you know your body best and can decide when you need them. I suggest 1-2 rest days per week! 

For more at home, equipment free workout plans go here! :)

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